Permitted Development Rights legislation should be relaxed even more so offices can adapt to Covid.

Fprop CEO Ben Habib writes in The Property Chronicle: “The only way to continue getting new homes on the market is by continuing to deregulate planning law.”

He adds: “Should widespread working from home… lead to an increase in the office vacancy rate, it would make sense to convert the excess supply to alternate uses. This would help the office market to adjust in line with demand and deliver housing.”

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BEN HABIB: Poland’s rise seems inexorable

Writing in the quarterly magazine Property Chronicle, Fprop CEO Ben Habib argues that Poland is bouncing back from the Coronavirus crisis faster than most nations in Europe and is increasingly attractive to investors.

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STATEMENT: The moratorium on rent enforcement must end.

Fprop has published a statement on the moratorium on rent enforcement, calling for it to end. Martin Pryce, a Director and Fund Manager at First Property Group, said:

“For six months, the property industry—and by extension the pensioners and others on whose behalf it invests—have been shouldering the extra burden of unpaid rents as other sectors have been offered aid. This isn’t fair. The moratorium on rent enforcement must end or we will be unable to collect as normal for a third quarter.

“Abruptly extending the moratorium for a second time would simply delay the final reckoning, with tenants accruing debt and landlords put under strain. As the Prime Minister said when arguing against extending the furlough scheme, it is simply “keeping people in suspended animation”.

“As we leave the EU, the government must be seen to be on the side of business to ensure continued investment. Landlords, investors, and developers must now be treated with parity and allowed to return to normal like other sectors.”

BEN HABIB: We should welcome the end of the ‘open-ended’​ property fund

CEO Ben Habib pens an article on why First Property Group welcomes the Financial Conduct Authority’s move to curtail “open-ended” funds.

The article – titled “We should welcome the end of the ‘open-ended’​ property fund” – was written for React News and republished on LinkedIn. 

Disaster awaits after lockdown, unless we plan for the end of furloughing

The ending of the furlough scheme poses the biggest problem facing the country if not addressed as we exit lockdown. 

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