Ben Habib, First Property Group: Contracts must be respected. Otherwise everything will fall like a house of cards

First Property Group Chief Executive Ben Habib gives an interview to Polish retail news specialist, in which discusses the recent economic and health crisis. 

“The Polish government must be praised for how it handled the current crisis,” he says. “They reacted quickly, and help was directed primarily to those sectors of the economy that suffered the most.”

Market Musings: Podcast No.26 with Ben Habib from First Property Group

Chief Executive Ben Habib appeared on the Market Musings with Fairbairn & Russell podcats, to discuss his career in business and the history of the company

“Since 2007, First Property Group… has had a cumulative growth in net assets of 25 percent per annum… from the peak of the last boom to the current position,” he told the presenters.

Ben Habib: There is Brighter Weather Ahead in Poland for Property Investor After the Covid Story 

First Property Group Chief Executive Ben Habib writes a column in The Property Chronicle magazine explaining why he continues to invest in Poland.

“The country continues to tick all the boxes; a virile economy, prudent spending, and sensible management of the COVID-19 crisis have maintained my faith in this economy, which I started to invest in back in 2005,” he writes.

“And amazingly, they are already able to start easing the crippling lockdown restrictions imposed across the continent, beginning last week. This is critical, as those countries which emerge earliest and with good balance sheets will do the best.”

Investors Chronicle: Profit from the deal of the year