Investors Chronicle: Bargain shares opportunities

June 29, 2020

Writing in the Investor’s Chronicle, Simon Thompson says he is “not concerned” by the “modest decline” in year-end net asset value (NAV), as this partly reflects the revaluation of several group properties which have still proved very strong investments. 

He also points towards our multiple income streams and relatively high recent rent collection rates, particularly in the UK, which points towards “the quality of tenants who account for two-thirds of third-party funds.”

Thompson concluded: “The company has generated annualised growth in net assets (including dividends) of 22.7 per cent a year over the past decade, the primary reason why the shares have produced a 155 per cent total return since I included them in my 2011 Bargain Shares Portfolio.

“On a modest price/earnings (PE) ratio of 9.5, offering a 4.5 per cent dividend yield, and on a 33 per cent discount to NAV, the shares remain on my buy list.”