• Experienced, nimble management team;
  • Excellent investment track record: >20% p.a. growth in adjusted net assets (incl dividends paid) over past 10 years;
  • Ranked No.1 vs MSCI’s Central & Eastern European (CEE) Benchmark.

Reliable earnings

  • Diversified income streams from investment returns and fund management fees;
  • Cash generative with a strong balance sheet;
  • Progressive dividend policy.


  • In-built growth in net assets from high return on equity invested;
  • All fund management clients have had good experiences – should lead to more fund management contracts;
  • Some £20m of Group cash available for future deals and some £80m of committed but as yet uninvested client equity available to be drawn by funds managed by FPAM;
  • Operationally geared – can take on new business without material increases in overheads.

Geographically diversified

  • Operations in UK, Poland and Romania;
  • All three countries performing well economically and amongst the highest growth areas in Europe;
  • Mix of jurisdictions provides a natural hedge.

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