Track Record

Shareholders in FPAM's first three funds earned an average IRR of 23% per annum, net after all fees and expenses.

By the end of 2004, commercial property yields had narrowed to close to the cost of debt finance and in some cases exceeded it, leading FPAM to conclude by mid 2005 that it was unable to safely continue further investment in the UK. It therefore recommended to its fund shareholders a sell program of UK commercial property assets.


FPAM's UK Purchase and Sale History (2003-2016) - highlighting strategic decision to exit UK commercial property at peak of the bubble, and to return to investing in UK commercial property in 2009 following the ensuing price falls.

FPAM funds rank No.1 versus MSCI’s Central & Eastern European (CEE) Benchmark for the eleven years from the commencement of its operations in Poland in 2005, and for the annualised periods from 2005 to the end of each of the years from 31 December 2008. In addition, FPAM’s UK Pension Property Portfolio (UK PPP) was awarded best “Small Specialist Fund” by MSCI at its UK Property Investment Awards 2017. FPAM was also one of ten fund managers, out of a pool of 95, to be awarded a Data Quality Award by MSCI.

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